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Sustainability report 2018

Our responsibilities to employees

Treating employees with respect

Equal opportunities, integration and diversity are central to our corporate philosophy. RAG’s workforce brings together many different nationalities, and all are treated absolutely equally in terms of pay and career opportunities, regardless of their ethnicity, gender, cultural background or religion.

We respect our employees’ individual rights. We aim to provide our employees with high-quality, flexible and safe working conditions, and a stable, creative working environment, as well as deploying them as effectively as possible in line with their abilities, and promoting and supporting their personal development.

We seek to encourage our people to take a self-directed approach to tailoring their work to clear targets and responsibilities. We know that our company’s commercial success depends on the commitment and collaboration of the entire workforce.


Staff training and development

In conjunction with selected institutes and professional trainers, we offer our employees a wide range of one-off training events and courses, certifications, and staff development and management programmes.

In 2019 the longstanding RAGademie is to be adapted to the changes in the organisation, and begin being more widely used again. To promote interdisciplinary knowledge transfers and the sharing of experience with new employees, the RAGademie hosts specialised internal course modules.



Working time models

In both employees’ and its own interests, RAG offers adapted and flexible working time arrangements, and hopes to expand these schemes in step with growing digitisation.
Some years ago, in response to a need for increased flexibility, we introduced additional working time and working practices models (part-time and teleworking, and four-day week). It is also possible to opt for various types of pre-retirement part-time working arrangements and sabbaticals.


Health at work

Under the motto “Gesundheit verbindet” („Be healthy together”), we have taken a raft of measures designed to protect and enhance employees’ physical and psychological wellbeing.

This internal health programme is aimed at creating incentives to participate in health promotion activities. Employees can select activities related to movement, nutrition and relaxation. The health theme changes from year to year.

“Gesunder Rücken” (“healthy back”) to prevent postural damage

“RAGfit und Hirngerecht Arbeiten in der Welt des Multitasking” (“RAGfit and brain-friendly working in the world of multitasking”)

“Bewegung und Bewusstseinsstärkung” (“Movement and awareness raising”)

Every employee has a “health account” with an annual allocation of 500 health points that can be used to put together a personalised health programme. A given number of points are used up per chosen activity. In order to improve programme quality, participants are invited to give feedback on the activities selected. The insights gained influence the following year’s programme. 

A number of activities can be attended free of charge. There is a choice of conventional nutrition, exercise and relaxation programmes, as well as vaccinations, check-ups and offerings reflecting the latest health trends. A regular health newsletter, designed to encourage staff to participate in the internal activities, also spotlights topical issues.

Our company has already received a number of accolades for its strong commitment to workplace health promotion:

  • Workplace health promotion quality seal (2013–2015, 2016–2018 and 2019–2021)
  • 2016 Preventive Medicine Award
  • 2014 Austrian Award for Innovative Health Communication


   Goals and Measures (PDF)