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Sustainability report 2018

To aid understanding, RAG Austria’s core issues are outlined below, together with references to the sections of this report that discuss them and the associated activities.


... means prioritising the elimination of all of the risks, hazards and actual harm facing RAG’s employees and contractors, communities and residents of areas affected by its operations, and the environment at large, at all of the facilities operated by it. Accident prevention goes beyond mere compliance with statutory requirements. We are aiming for zero accidents in all of our activities.

See: Safety; Responsible approach to the en­vironment


Environmental protection

... means that we develop actions and processes within our HSE management system for the sustainable use of resources and the ability of the planet to support life. This includes minimising environmental risks, avoiding environmental burdens, and continuing to reduce our environmental footprint by restoring abandoned gas field developments.

See: Responsible approach to the environment


Occupational health management

... means accepting our company’s responsibilities as an employer by actively promoting employees’ health in a constantly changing working environment.

See: Our responsibilities to employees


Security of supply

... means the reliability of the equipment for gas injection into and withdrawal from RAG’s gas storage facilities.

RAG makes a sustainable contribution to energy supply security in Austria. Our gas storage facilities assure an uninterrupted supply of this vital energy source to the country’s industry and power generators. We are committed to building a carbon cycle society.

See: Responsible management; Safety


Corporate strategy

... means providing our customers with safe, efficient, environmentally friendly and affordable energy and gas storage services – sustainably and responsibly. We aim to maintain a high level of technical and financial performance, and innovate to underpin our long-term competitiveness.

See: RAG’s sustainability approach; Responsible management


Stakeholder engagement

... means proactive dialogue with our stakeholders. This takes place via our website as well as face-to-face discussions with residents, neighbours and local communities, e.g. during open days and tours of our operations.

See: Responsible management


Reuse of gas production sites

... means assessing all of our existing gas reservoirs with regard to their long-term suitability for storage, for producing renewable gas or for geothermal generation.

See: Sustainable products


Transparency and compliance

... means that RAG operates in a socially responsible manner and in conformity with the relevant legislation. It also means that our decisions are transparent for suppliers and customers, and are communicated openly.

See: Responsible management; A fair partner and a good neighbour


Local links

... means that we talk openly and honestly with local authorities, residents and public agencies, and act as a reliable partner to host regions. RAG sees itself as part of the communities that host its facilities.

See: A fair partner and a good neighbour


Assessment of local impacts

... means that an environmental analysis is performed when selecting every site and pipeline route, so as to minimise intrusion in nature and nuisance to local residents.

See: Responsible approach to the environment


Politically independent stakeholder representation

... means that RAG is politically neutral, but argues its case and stands by its position in dealings with public bodies with regard to matters that affect the company itself, and its employees, customers or shareholders.

See: Responsible management


Interacting with communities

... means treating civil society figures with respect, and constantly striving for transparent and open communications in the interests of good partnerships with them.

See: A fair partner and a good neighbour


Sustainable products

... means developing leading-edge sustainable technologies designed to make renewable energy efficient and accessible to consumers in large quantities.

We are working on projects that will enable us to provide eco-friendly large-scale energy storage.

See: Sustainable products


Procurement processes

... means that our procurement policy is transparent and understandable to suppliers, and that we aim to increasingly include sustainability criteria in our tendering documentation in future.

See: A fair partner and a good neighbour



... means respect towards all of our colleagues and people outside the company, and rejecting discrimination in all its forms.

See: Our responsibilities to employees


New work culture

... means offering adapted and flexible working time arrangements in both employees’ and the company’s own interests, with a view to expanding these schemes in step with growing digitisation.

See: Our responsibilities to employees